26. – 27.4.2019

Querelle is an ambitiously diverse festival for the LGBTIQ+ people and their allies in the heart of Helsinki. The festival takes place at the Train Factory which is a brand new center for culture in Vallila.


Querelle is a proud, frantic and carnivalistic festival full of electronic music, hip hop, rock, literature, drag artists, stand-up comedy, contemporary dance, installations and more.


Querelle is a festival with a profound meaning; it promotes equality in all its forms. Through positivity Querelle seeks to raise issues on gender and sexual minorities. Querelle offers a momentary safe haven for all those who are marginalized and harassed because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.


Querelle takes a stand, but doesn´t preach.


Querelle is a modern boutique festival that invests in services and comfortability. The festival area is beautiful; the historic warehouses and rail yards provide a unique framework for a brave project.


Querelle is above all about joy and love.


Querelle´s aim is to please 8000 visitors in two days.


Querelle´s name comes from the book by French writer Jean Genet Querelle de Brest (1947). Its protagonist, Georges Querelle, is a bisexual sailor who runs into the devastating spiral of small-scale crime, murder and prostitution. Rainer Werner Fassbinder's last film Querelle (1982) is based on Jean Genet's work.






The Train Factory is a new bold project of Mr Bruce Oreck who was the United States Ambassador for Finland 2009-2015. Bruce fell in love with Finland and decided to make a contribution to all Finns - he will transform the old warehouses and rail yards in Vallila into The Train Factory. The Train Factory will be an international cultural and business center which will make Helsinki the leading hot spot of culture in Scandinavia.







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